Back to the preschool !!

Blog de dnlalixines :Inès & Alix's blog !, Back to the preschool !!


Today, I will introduce you my first work experience. In 3è , we have to do a work experience in a company. I did mine in Jeanne d'Arc's school from February 21st to February 22nd in a preschool.

My tutor has been teaching for 9 years. He has got a bac ES and he spent 5 years in the FAC. He enjoys his job because of the organisation's soupleness. Children have 4 years to gain basic notions, so teaching for young children is free.

During my work experience, I discovered the rate day for a TPS class.

On Thursday 21st, we went to the market to buy cheese in order to discover the different tastes between the cow's cheese, the sheep's cheese and the goat's cheese. Children ate them and they liked them a lot !! During the afternoon, I was responsable for 4 children to help them to draw animals.

On Friday 22nd , a magician came at school. Children were really astonished by magic tricks; so I was too !! After the rest, children watched a cartoon while I was sorting papers they have to give to their parents. 

I enjoyed my first work experience because I discovered the job I'd like to do later.

Bye bye ! Enjoy your holidays !!


mardi 14 mai 2013 08:42

A fantastic trip in Berlin with Vivi!!!

Blog de dnlalixines :Inès & Alix's blog !, A fantastic trip in Berlin with Vivi!!!

{#}  everybody!

I hope, you had good holidays after the trip in Berlin!

Today, I speak about my trip in Berlin.

First, my family:

My penfriend names Viviana ( surname Vivi), she has a brother Florian who is 18 years old, a father names Karsten and a mother names Andrea. This family are very very genious, sweet and sympatic. I like very much them!!

So, after a very long trip in the bus ( 20 hours), I went to my family. When we arrived in their home, the mam said:"Come on to eat something". and what a suprise when she put on a table potatoes, green beans and meet ! I thank who eat maybe bread with chocolate or biscuits. This meal look like a dinner in France but I ate  because I like this ingredients and I was angry.

After the meal, Vivi explained we go to the home of Alice with Clairvie because is the confirmation of her penfriend Lucca, and Vivi and Léa(penfriend of Clairvie) are the best friend of the penfriend of Alice. This evening was great, we payed at society games with the penfriend.

The sunday, we visited with a lot of girls the television tower. After, we went to eat in McDonalds. It's very good becaus ethe weather was very sunny and hot!!{#} And the evening, my host family leaded me in a pizzeria. The pizza was very delicious! After, we backed at home and we played at Wii.

The monday, I was very happy to see my friends and speak about her week-end. We visited the east of Berlin in bus and we saw the East Side Gallery. On the afternoon ,we visited a castle. After the day, I went shopping with Vivi and another girl and after we went to a bowling with all french and german people. It was very sympatical and funny!!{#}

 The Tuesday, we visited in bus the west of Berlin. We saw the Olympic Stade and we visited it, it was very interesting!! The afternoon, we visited an other castle very beautiful! The evening, we ate  an ice-cream with Alice, Clairvie and Chloé and our penfriend! It was a very funny evening, we laughed very much!!{#}

The wednesday, we visited the Ravensbrück concentration camp. It was a very horrible visit because the history was very sad and cruel !! This visit was very moving. {#} The evening, we went to a funfair, it was very amazing!!{#}

The Thursday, we visited two castle very merveillous!! The evening, there were a big party for goodbye, we danced, ate, drank, laughed... It's a very funny party!!

The friday morning, we went shopping with all french people. And the afternoon, we stated at home for see a last time our penfriend and at 17:00 p.m, we left, it was a very sad moment!!{#}

The saturday, we arrived in Rennes very tired, because we didn't sleep very weel in the bus {#}, but very happy!!!!!

I think, it was a very good, funny and beautiful trip!!! I wam very happy to left in Berlin with my very sweet penfriend Vivi!!

Goodbye evrybody and see you later!!



lundi 06 mai 2013 18:51

My work experience

Blog de dnlalixines :Inès & Alix's blog !, My work experience

Hello !!

Today, I speak about my first work experience. My work experience was the wednesday 20th of February at the saturday morning 23rd of february.

I made my work experience with a midwife. She worked 12 years in the Hôpital Sud in Rennes and after she created her office. In her office, there are an other midwife, she worked 22 years in the same hospital and she was the teacher of the other midwife. I learnt very much things.

The wednesday morning, I arruved at 10.00 p.m and I left at 13.00 a.m. During this day, I descouvered very much things,I saw a lot of mother for the rehabilitation after the delivery of her child.

The Thursday, I saw preparation of the delivery and I made this with the mother.

The Friday, I saw the two things and I went with the midwife to the house of a mother who can't drive.

The saturday morning, I went to the swimming pool of Chartres de Bretagne for the preparation of the delivery.

I like very much this job but studies are difficult because there are the first year of medicine and after four years for learn the job with an examen at final. It was a very good experience. Thank you very much my tutor!! I would like very much to become midwife!!

Goodbye and good trip in Berlin with your penfriend!!{#}


lundi 06 mai 2013 18:27

A trip to Germany..!

Blog de dnlalixines :Inès & Alix's blog !, A trip to Germany..!

{#} everybody !

Today, I will speak about our trip to Germany 2 weeks ago.

On friday 12th , all the european section left at 7 p.m and 22 hours after, we have been welcoming by our penfriends and their families. On sunday, I did shopping with my penfriend, her friends and their penfriends. We saw the Brandenbourg gate with a fabulous sun. It was really beautiful ! In the place in front of the gate, mens did hip-hop. We did a photo with them because they was so amazing !{#}

From Monday 15th to Thursday 18th, I visited with the european section the Check Point Charlie, we saw the Berlin's wall, we visited also the dome of the Reichstag, the Ravensbrück concentration camp (it was horrible to see this camp because in history, we learned about the holocaust.), the holocaust memorial, the Sans-Souci castle and the Cecilienhof castle where the agreements of Postdam took place from July 17th to August 2nd 1945.

This is the Brandenbourg gate.

Blog de dnlalixines : Inès & Alix's blog !, A trip to Germany..!


Blog de dnlalixines : Inès & Alix's blog !, A trip to Germany..!

And this is the Cecilienhof castle.

After the day, penfriends seached us and we went to eat an ice-cream or to the funfair or to the party organisated by teachers. We came back to France on Saturday 20th after 22 hours of bus again !

It was a fabulous trip. I discovered a city that I didn't know. I hope I will go again to Germany because it's a beautiful country !{#}

Enjoy your holidays



lundi 29 avril 2013 12:26

Happy New Year


mercredi 06 février 2013 19:01


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